What Will Be The Outcome of Your Life

These 12 Questions will Determine Your Life's Course 

How Much Should Others Care About YOU?

  • Not at all...
  • I Need People in my life
  • I Think They Should, I do a lot for others
  • I Prefer to Go My Own Way but I am Happy If others come along for the ride

Is Debt Necessary For Normal Adult Life?

  • Yes, of Course. 
  • Its a Necessary Evil
  • There Is such a thing as good debt!
  • Not At All

How Prepared Are You For A Crisis?

  • Yes! Emergency Fund and I ALWAYS Have a plan B
  • Yes I am Prepared for most Situations
  • Well... At Least I Have My Piggy Bank!
  • Not Prepared at ALL

How Often Do You Go Beyond What Is Required?

  • I Really Try To Stretch myself everyday
  • I Stretch My Arms In The Morning
  • I Just Do The Minimum to get by

Does Bias Effect Everything You Do?

  • No, I am Not Biased
  • I will Admit i am somewhat Biased.
  • People are a product of their environment and Bias comes as part of that

Do You Live In the Present? OR Do You Live In The Past?

  • I am ALWAYS living in the moment!
  • A Little Reflection every now and then is Important.
  • I do reflect on the past daily
  • I spend my life in a dream world...

When Was The Last Time You Travelled?

  • At Least Every 3 Months
  • At Least once a Year
  • Once In 5 Years
  • Don't Remember The Last Time

Do You Take Care Of Your Health?

  • Yes, I eat clean and exercise daily.
  • Yes, I exercise most days and try to eat healthy.
  • I am trying to get in shape but its just not happening for me
  • I gave up on healthy lifestyle, it just doesn't suit me.

Do You Easily Forgive others?

  • Yes, Everyone is different and I need to Accommodate that
  • Yes, but it can be very difficult for me
  • No, I have been hurt too many times

How Confident Are You?

  • I'd ride that wave!
  • After some training I can Achieve Anything
  • Best stay in bed most days

How do you View Others and the world around you?

  • Everyone Hurts, Everyone is Afraid and Nothing is Perfect. This is Just Reality.
  • Do unto others as you would do to yourself.
  • If they have a problem thats Their Problem

Does Luck Play A Big Role In Your Life?

  • Luck plays a BIG part in everything in life. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't 
  • Luck plays a small part but "if it is going to be its up to me?"
  • Their is no such thing as luck just hard work

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